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Let’s talk about a video clip, and the specificity of our vision.
There’s a plethora of statistics that show the positive effect videos can have on sales, information, and customer retention, but the bottom line is this – if you could learn about something by watching a quick, entertaining and engaging video, or read a page of text, which would you choose?

Video clip of course ! And an animated one is even better ! – It provides a much better control on the outcome. Technically, it merges the production (filming), and the post production (editing, special effects, etc.) into one block, creatively ; it allows its users to express the wildest and most informative ideas the imagination has to offer. The drawback – it’s extremely complex.

Yet, saying ‘animation’ is like saying ‘architecture’, i.e. mastering an animation software requires a deep know-how and a wide set of skills. At 1,500 animated images per minute, no wonder animation films are obscenely expensive !

In other words, that’s the challenge of explainer companies, like us – applying the marvels and benefits of animation and drastically reduce the costs. The most popular solution is ‘preset softwares’ – a library of graphic icons applied via given templates, for example, whiteboard animation.
While ‘preset animations’ definitely provide a low-cost solution, their limited tool kit leads to boring animations. It’s like crafting a house with a DIY toolkit.

Following this metaphor, we use ‘constructors’ tools, but apply it minimalistically to reduce the cost. That is, we identify the offer’s essence and translate it into audio-visual language. Accordingly, we tailor made our own building blocks tools and tell your story. That means utilizing complex animation at 1,500 images per minute.

To ensure our animation will sing your message while keep it time efficient and attractive for you, we’re obliged to ‘play smarter’. It means: switch selling for telling, and allow clarity to trump persuasion. Simplicity is hard to achieve, but well worth it in the end! If you wish to hear more about it, click  Who ?

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