Teki films

Stories well told

How can we offer so much for relatively so little ?
We work hard and apply all of our combined expertise to identify the element that will represent the whole. We have the creativity to translate it into one strong image, and the IT support to execute it in an attractive manner.

Before we detail our statement, you may wish to note we have the experience to back it up. We have applied our combined skills to communicate extremely abstract themes such as, quantum mechanics as well as complex settings, like human collaborations. Our work is quoted in prestigious scientific reviews and by eminent scholars.

Our concept is to identify where your clients fails to understand your offer so we can add a dimension to your communication. The same as one can creates a coherent map of Earth only when they switched the flat Earth into spherical one. we aim to assemble the divers aspect of your service through a powerful image that represents your entire planet. Allowing your clients to grasp the overall vision, how your service or product can meet their need.

We animate with Blender – a top on the line software that is behind films such as : “Elephants Dream”and “Tears of Steel “. Capable of bringing to life, any crazy imagination !

Teki is a pool of competence. We share our skills ad hoc. This business structure reduces our overhead cost, keeps our offer attractive, and allows us to pass the savings on to you !

If you view our animations, you will notice that their style ressembles that of high resolution, animation films, rather than those normally used for explainers. We are not aware of any service that provides this quality in less than 45 000 CHF. This style also encompasses our mission– to provide you with an explainer that is charged with meaning to the utmost, possible degree.

Here, we feel that we’ve provided you with the essentials so you can make an educated decision about how we can meet your needs. We hope we inspired you and your curiosity to learn more and would love to answer any questions you may have.

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