Teki films

Stories well told

If you’re not familiar with explainer videos, they’re short, engaging, online videos that explain and promote a product or a service.

We produce short (up to 60 seconds) animation videos that shout one simple message: the necessity of your service or product.
A service is not communicable so long as it is not necessary, and it is necessary if and only if it answers real problems. Accordingly, our videos inform your prospects how you can meet their need. Thus, allowing them to consider the services or products you offer.

Walking our talk, let’s inform you about our videos services and their cost. Allowing you thus to consider if we can meet your communication needs.

Our services provide you with a high-end animation; conceptualize, and customized to communicate your message. We design ‘real animation’: esthetic, engaging online video that visualize to your clients how your offer can address their needs.
Our clips cost between 5,000 and 8,000 CHF, with a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks.

In the event you find it hard to evaluate the offer’s worth, note that our service include: copywriting and art-direction in one service. As to the concept insight and the animation quality – similar services that meet our standards of quality, cost at least 45,000 CHF – don’t take our word, please research and check us out !
If you want to better understand our offer, click Why ?

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